‘Prefer privacy? Our Studios are just what you’re looking for. Boasting your own bathroom and kitchen, this sweet space also comes with a comfy double size bed, plenty of storage and a built in desk with a view. For those looking for a bit of extra space, our super funky 44 sqm Deluxe Studio (without cooktop) and 35 sqm Studio Large are the perfect alternatives, especially for couples!

Rates <13 weeks 13 weeks + 44 weeks +
Studio (15 sqm) $449/week $419/week $409/week
Studio Large (35 sqm) $479/week $449/week $439/week
Studio blueprint Studio blueprint

Studio Floor Plan

* Double Occupancy: $30 extra per week


Do you like a little extra space? No stress. Our funky 44 sqm Deluxe Studio (without a cooktop) is the perfect option to kickback on the couch after a long day. Fitted with ample storage space, you can store your clothes, scooters, instruments and much more!

Rates <13 weeks 13 weeks + 44 weeks +
Studio Deluxe $549/week $529/week $499/week


With 31 square metres of living space, Twodios are the perfect choice if you don’t want to live alone but still like your personal space. Complete with a bathroom, kitchen and stellar views, Twodios also provide plenty of privacy with individual twin beds, desks and lockable drawers.

Rates <13 weeks 13 weeks + 44 weeks +
Twodio $279/week $259/week $249/week
Twodio blueprint Twodio blueprint


Campus 4 rooms offer a unique space for four students to share. Spacious and cosy at the same time, the 44-square-metre rooms create a communal vibe with four individual beds and workstations situated around a comfortable living area. The flat also includes a bathroom and convenient kitchen complete with a dining table just waiting for friends to gather round.

Rates <13 weeks 13 weeks + 44 weeks +
Campus 4 $189/week $179/week $169/week
Campus 4 blueprint Campus 4 blueprint


Our 115 sqm Cluster 6 is the perfect combination of shared and private living. With six individual bedrooms and shared living space the Cluster 6 is superb for hanging out with your roomies while also being able to retreat to your own private 10 sqm bedroom – fitted out with a single bed, desk and storage.

Rates <13 weeks 44 weeks +  
Cluster 6 $289/week $279/week  
Cluster 6 blueprint Cluster 6 blueprint