A Guide To Summer Holidays In Perth

Who isn’t totally psyched for the summer holidays? The sun’s out, the beaches are calling your name, and you have all the time you need to get in some serious R&R. Why not take this time to explore and rediscover Perth? Beaches, parks, cafés, and cultural establishments in the capital - there’s no shortage of new things to do during everyone’s favourite time of the year.

Whether you’re looking for a day out in the sun, or a laid-back time surrounded by nature - there’s some holiday fun for everyone!


Western Australia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, perfect for getting your tan on, relaxing, and getting your adrenaline pumping. Just don’t skimp on the sunscreen! If you’re not sure where to start, here are our top three beaches:


scarborough beach

Image Credit: @jadehamiltonphotography on Instagram

Located in the city of Stirling, Scarborough Beach is one of our most popular beaches for spending the day. It’s a great spot for swimming and surfing, as well as other activities - like tearing up the ramps at the nearby skate park.

There’s also a large children’s playground for families with kids, and a number of trendy bars and quaint cafés for a more chilled-out time. At Golden Hour, this beach is also famous for the seasonal Scarborough Sunset Markets, where visitors can indulge in some retail therapy and dig into global eats.


cottesloe beach

Image Credit: @danniexdough on Instagram

If you’re looking for an urban beach where you can kick back and relax, frolic in crystal blue waters, or spend the afternoon with a picnic - Cottesloe Beach is what you’re looking for.

Located about half an hour away by car or train on the Fremantle Line, this beach boasts soft, powdery white sand you can sink your toes in and beautiful blue waters to help you cool off. It’s also one of the best places to catch a gorgeous sunset, which you can enjoy by the beach or at the nearby stretch of bars and restaurants.


dog on leighton beach

Image Credit: @dach_of_louie on Instagram

The summer holidays are the best time to spend every waking minute with your furry, four-legged companions - and the best place to take them is Leighton Beach!

Open to dogs - or even cats - who love playing in the sand and water, this large beach provides more than enough space for them to play and run around.


Summer’s not just great for the beach, but also for an afternoon in the park!

Flowers are blooming in the sunshine, inviting you for a picnic and a breath of fresh air. It’s the perfect spot for finding some peace and quiet away from city life and relishing each little moment. Parks you absolutely must visit include:


flowers in bloom at hyde park

Image Credit: @i_am_takuu on Instagram

Head up north of Perth in the suburb of Highgate and you’ll find Hyde Park. Here, you’ll find plenty of beautiful jacaranda flowers in full bloom at this time, and a peaceful lake in the middle of the park where you can sit by with a book or even a snack. However, you’d want to be cautious about bringing a lot of food - as birds are known to swoop down and steal a bite or two!

Speaking of bites, Hyde Park is also conveniently located near Chu Bakery, a must-visit bakery if you love fresh homemade pastries. Be sure to check out their socials for their weekend specials, and pick up their summer danishes!


war memorial at kings park

Image Credit: Michael Wills Photography

One of the largest and most gorgeous inner-city parks in Perth, Kings Park is the perfect place to relax and unwind with a book in hand or a picnic with your friends.

You’ll easily find local biodiversity flourishing here, native flowers in bloom, and sweeping views of the Swan and Canning Rivers, as well as the city skyline to take your breath away. Join a free guided walk to explore the park, learn about Aboriginal Culture Experiences on dedicated tours, or simply park yourself down for a moment at the lookouts to admire the beauty of Mother Nature.


Good news for Campus Perth residents, we’re mere minutes away from a variety of quaint, hole-in-the-wall cafés for coffee sipping, dessert indulging, pastry nibbling, and conversation-making.

One can easily find a delicious good brew from cafés just five minutes away, such as Urbi Café, Flo Espresso, and Artrogers Coffee.

But if you’re looking for really aesthetic spots that serve up more than just good coffee, you’ll wanna drop by:


parkside coffee

If you spot a little smiley, blushing flower - you’re at the right spot. Parkside Coffee is a cute little coffee window where you can pick up a delicious brew and lounge nearby or take it to the park. Pair them with pastries of the day from Miller + Baker and you’ve got your afternoon treat sorted!


telegram coffee

Image Credit: @statebuildings on Instagram

Venture into the CBD in the State Buildings, and you’ll find yourself in the uber-chic and super sleek café called Telegram Coffee. Here, enjoy simply delicious, no-nonsense espressos and filter coffee, and if you’re lucky - you might be able to meet Kobe the Frenchie!


gemini cafe coffee

For something that’s a little more extra, Gemini Café on St Georges Terrace is a cute French pâtisserie and bistro! Not only would you get a creative coffee fix, but you’ll also be stumped with a variety of adorable desserts! Definitely try out their famous Iced Latte - which gets served with a delightful little bear-shaped frozen espresso ice cube in it.


art gallery of western australia

Image Credit: @artgallerywa on Instagram

We get it, not everyone enjoys spending their days outdoors in the sun. If you’re looking to avoid the summer heat and tap into your cultural and creative side, pay a visit to the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) and check out their ongoing exhibitions for free!

The best part? You can head up to their rooftop bar that’s open on the weekends, and enjoy a little cheeky pint while unwinding and gazing at the city skyline at sundown.


graphic on campus amigos app

Just because it’s the summer holidays, it doesn't mean that we’ll stop organising events. Here at Campus Perth, we’re still working hard throughout the holidays to bring you the entertainment you need!

We’ll be organising various events throughout Summer, such as chill movie nights, exciting FIFA matches, or fun craft nights. Just remember to check out our Event Calendar in the lifts or download the Amigos app to stay in the know of all the latest happenings on Campus.


You know it’s gonna be scorching hot in the next few weeks - and that calls for an ice-cold drink, or more specifically, a refreshing cup of bubble tea!

Lucky for Campus Perth residents, we’ve got three bubble tea spots that not only serve up delicious, sweet, and unique beverages, but also at a discounted price!


t4 bubble tea

Image Credit: @t4northbridge on Instagram

From elegant floral teas and the iconic pearl milk tea, to frosty smoothies and classic Taiwanese brews, T4 Northbridge won’t steer you wrong when it comes to getting a sweet, refreshing fix to beat the heat! Their popular drinks include the Jadeite Royal Milk Tea or the QQ Style Milk Tea, and don’t forget to pick up some Taiwanese street snacks to go along with them! (Our top picks are the popcorn chicken and the fried oyster mushrooms 😉)

As a special treat, T4 Northbridge also offers all Campus Perth residents a 10% discount on drinks, all you have to do is flash your Campus key card to the staff before making payment - and just enjoy!


teamorrow bubble tea

Image Credit: @teamorrow.aus on Instagram

Don’t wait until tomorrow to enjoy the delicious milk teas and creative mixes from Teamorrow! If you love unique flavours or combinations, definitely give them a try. Their menu features innovative recipes such as the Matcha Trio and the popular Dirty Brown Sugar Milk Tea.

They also have plenty of seasonal series and Chinese-style desserts just in time for summer, so be sure to check them out while stocks last! Show them your Campus Perth key card and enjoy 10% on your sweet treats.


chaffic bubble tea

Image Credit: @chaffic_australia on Instagram

Another unique shop to try out is Chaffic on Forrest Chase and Northbridge. Find your beverages crowned with interesting toppings like their signature silky tofu pudding, soft pillowy mochi, and salted egg or rock salt milk cap for a pleasant burst of umami. Definitely give their signature Tofu Milk Tea a go!

Residents can enjoy a 10% discount voucher from now until 31st December 2022, all you have to do is collect the physical voucher from our Reception, and pass it over to the Chaffic Staff to redeem it! Don’t forget though, that these vouchers can only be used at the Forrest Chase and Northbridge branches.