9 Sweet Spots for Dessert To Treat Yourself Near Campus

No matter how stuffed you are or how deep of a food coma you’re in, there’s always, always room for dessert. The need for something sweet also happens to come after a long day spent cramming for your assignments (you know who you are!) or after a hearty meal with your friends.

So… in the later parts of the evening when most shops are already closed, where do you find a place that’s gonna give you that sweet, sugar rush?

Fret not, we’ve done the homework for you and found the top 9 dessert spots near Campus, so the next time you need to satisfy your sweet tooth while burning the midnight oil - you know where to hit up.

Camellia Café

This quaint Korean café is a must-visit if you love desserts such as Bingsu (Korean shaved ice), fruity cakes, croffles, and sweet honey bread. Located just a 7-minute walk away from Campus, it’s the cutest little spot for Instagrammable pics, a spot for coffee or tea, and freshly made treats. Nibble away on their Brown Cheese Croffle - which combines the delicate flakiness of a croissant with the fluffy crispness of a waffle and the delectable flavour of the brown cheese, or get indulgent with a slice of the super creamy Tiramisu Basque Cheesecake.

1/145 Newcastle St, Perth WA 6000 | 550m | Monday, Wednesday - Sunday (11am - 10pm, closes at 11pm on Friday and Saturday. Closed on Tuesdays)

Chicho Gelato

For scoops, coffee, floats, and more - another gelateria worthy in our books is Chicho Gelato. They make their gelato fresh from scratch on-site daily. It’s an adorable spot when you need a little pick-me-up, and its made even better when paired with a freshly brewed espresso. Pick up their Piemonte Hazelnut Gelato with chocolate topping (the chocolate comes from a tap!) – trust us on this.

180 William St, Northbridge WA 6003 | 650m | Monday - Sunday (12pm - 10pm, closes at 11pm on Friday and Saturday)


Named after the Japanese word for cloud, Kumo gives you the chance to taste the clouds with their extremely fluffy, pillowy soft soufflé pancakes that just melt in your mouth the moment it hits your tongue. The pancakes come in a variety of flavours, and you can mix-and-match them with their selection of tiramisu and handmade drinks. For a truly memorable treat (and for the bubble tea lovers), you must try the Boba Brûlée Bomb Soufflé Pancake, which comes draped with caramelised custard, chewy boba pearls, and black sugar syrup.

39 Washington Lane, Perth WA 6000 | 650m | Monday - Wednesday (4pm - 9.30pm), Thursday - Sunday (12pm - 9.30pm, closes at 10pm on Friday and Saturday)

Café Guilty Pleasure

Just 15 minutes away from Campus sits Café Guilty Pleasure, a cozy haven for all things sweet and pretty. Decked out in quaint, vintage décor, this Korean-inspired dessert café plates up a wide variety of Bingsu, cakes, cube toasts, croffles, and choux puffs that are incredibly pleasing to the eyes, camera, and palate. Bring a friend to share their Milk Tea Bingsu, which hits all the right notes in being a creamy, light, and refreshing sweet treat.

1/222 James St, Northbridge WA 6003 | 1.2km | Tuesday - Sunday (12.30pm - 9.30pm, closes at 10pm on Friday and Saturday)

Dessert Garden

For all the times that you can’t get enough of Asian-style desserts and are looking to try something a bit more unique, Dessert Garden is our pick when it comes to Taiwanese-inspired treats. Think delicate layers of Taiwanese Shaved Ice, bubble teas, and even traditional herbal desserts to make you feel refreshed. All their desserts are made with fresh and premium ingredients imported from Taiwan, so you know you’re getting the real thing. Try their Signature Iced Herbal Jelly with Homemade Taro Balls for something refreshing, or gather your friends for their Bubble Tea Hotpot after a night of hardcore studying!

2/297 William St, Northbridge | 550m | Tuesday - Sunday (3pm - 10pm)

The Moon

Did you know that The Moon has been in Perth since 1991? It’s now known as one of the most popular places for night sweets - serving up boozy milkshakes and delicious dessert cakes in a cozy, intimate setting. It’s a fantastic place if you’re also looking to have some proper comfort food for lunch and dinner, or even drinks by the bar. Whether you’re having it as an after-meal dessert or a midday treat, their Sticky Date Pudding is not to be missed.

2/323 William St, Perth WA 6000 | 650m | Monday - Friday (5pm - 12am), Saturday - Sunday (12pm - 12am), closes at 1am on Friday and Saturday

Whisk Creamery

Fancy a rich, creamy scoop of Italian gelato? Whisk Creamery serves up artisanal gelato of various flavours, including seasonal specials for a sweet, cool treat. And if you don’t wanna be basic and have your gelato served in a cup or cone, you can opt for it to be filled in a Croinut Sandwich (only available on Friday - Sunday) or have it served in a Japanese-style taiyaki. Choose from their array of pre-made combinations, or get creative with your own choice of flavours. Pair it with their offerings of gourmet and classic milkshakes as an added treat!

246 William St, Northbridge WA 6003 | 600m | Monday - Sunday (12pm - 10.30pm, closes at 11.30pm on Friday and Saturday)

Donut Worry

…be happy! Donut Worry is the go-to place for their Loukoumades, a.k.a bite-sized Greek-style donuts. Loukoumades are traditionally fried and soaked in honey sugar syrup and cinnamon, but here they are made with a variety of contemporary flavours - from biscoff and mint Kit Kats, to our personal fave of Cookies and Cream. Each serving of donuts are freshly made-to-order, and are best enjoyed with a scoop of their homemade gelato, made with fresh, single herd guernsey milk. And guess what? They have plenty of vegan options too!

261 William St, Northbridge WA 6003 | 600m | Tuesday - Friday (5pm - 10pm), Saturday - Sunday (1pm - 10pm)


Easily spotted by their bright baby pink interior, Pretzel is the perfect place to get your hands on those warm, fluffy knots. Handmade and baked fresh daily, it’s the best pick for a quick late-night bite when you’re burning the midnight oil over the weekend. The pretzels come in both savoury and sweet options - with various complementary sauces that you can choose from. Their Cinnamon Glazed Pretzel definitely stands out from the crowd, which gets coated in cinnamon sugar then sinfully topped with vanilla cream icing.

52 James St, Perth WA 6000 | 550m | Monday (11am - 6pm), Tuesday - Thursday (11am - 10pm), Friday - Saturday (11am - 2.30am), Sunday (12pm - 9pm)